• Hatfreys
  • Photo Pogs Oscar & Lucinda sit on Doggums dogbeds from Hatfrey's Jewels range covered in Sabi pewter and gold velvets from Osborne & Little, stuffed with soft British wool
  • Photo Springer Billy sprawls on a Doggums dogbed from Hatfrey's Moderns range covered in pure wool Prince of Wales check fabric from Abraham Moons & Sons, stuffed with soft British wool
  • Photo Weimaraner Murphy and pog Oscar relax on a Doggums dogbed from Hatfrey's Exotics range covered in paisley fabric, stuffed with soft British wool
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At Hatfreys we design handmade British luxuries for your beloved dogs and cats

Just look at our first collection of knitwear for your beloved dogs (and any chilly Sphinx cats)!

All our doggie models - Coco and Zeus and Oscar and Lucinda – agree, this is a fabulous collection. Each knit is hand framed and hand finished to order in Somerset. Each knit is made from lovely soft Merino Wool or swoony soft Alpaca and Silk – all spun in the UK.

We have three designs – monochrome Chevron for the modernist dog, strong but never brash Colour Blocks for the extravert woofer and softest Alpaca and Silk Pastels for evening or a gentler mood.

We have chosen colours we love but, since we speciaise in custom orders, you can choose your own too. You may even find yourself hankering after a Hatfreys knit in your own size. No problem - we can do that.

Beds for the beloved covered in luxurious designer fabrics, filled with clouds of pure Wool

Similarly our dog and cat beds are not only covered in luxurious fabrics from UK design houses, e.g. Osborne & Little and Abraham Moon, they are also filled with nothing but clouds of soft, cosy, gently embracing British Wool. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself snuggling up to your beloved dog or cat on their pure Wool filled Hatfreys bed. And, yes, we can make one in your size too.

What makes Hatfreys products for beloved dogs and cats so different? They are so beautifully designed and handmade in the UK that you end up wanting them for yourself.

Why we love Wool

We are in love with Wool in our company because it is a natural miracle. What other fibre can you think of which is naturally soft and embracing, able to be both warm and cool, fire retardant , dust mite repellent and even recyclable?

We are really proud to be part of the Campaign for Wool